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The New York City Puppet Theatre Presents
Dr. Blair's Children's Dance Party Puppet Show
For New York City Children And Beyond
Dear Fellow Educators And Friends,
        The New York City Puppet Theatre invites you and your group to participate in its new interactive "Dr. Blair's Children's Dance Party Puppet Show" starring his amazing Puppets International and featuring his Puppet Theatre Dancers for New York City Children And Beyond.  This unique on site Puppet Show can be performed in your facility upon request from May 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017. 
        Some of the major musical, dramatic and dance presentations for this Puppet Show are: (1) Get On Your Feet; (2) Dora's Mambo; (3) Thomas And Friends; (4) I'm Better When I'm Dancing; (5) Bingo; (6) Wheels On The Bus; (7) Happy; (8) Elmo Drive My Car; (9) Sesame Street Song; (10) Hakuna Matata; (11) Do You Love Me; (12) Dream Girls; (13) We Are Family; (14) Take The Hand of Someone You Love; and (15) Down In New Orleans.  Some of the children's favorite nursery thymes like Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ring Around The Roses, One Two Buckle My Shoe and some of their favorite characters such as Dora The Explorer, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Elmo will be included in this Puppet Show.
        Tickets for an on site performance of this Puppet Show are $9.00 per person for a group of at least 75 or more persons, $10.00 per person for 51 to 74 persons and a flat fee of $600.00 for groups of 50 or less persons.  To purchase an on site Puppet Show, Puppet Theatre Tee Shirts and hand puppets, call (718) 205-3745.  Payment for these items can be made by major credit cards, organizational checks, money orders and New York City Department of Education Purchase Orders.  No refunds or exchanges on any items purchased.  We look forward to receiving your ticket and Theatre sale item orders soon.
          If we can be of further assistance in these matters, call us at:  (718) 205-3745.
                                                Sincerely, Dr. George E. Blair, President



The New York City Puppet Theatre is a comprehensive, professional, developmental puppet organization starring Puppet Master Dr. George E. Blair and his Puppets International and featuring Master Puppeteers.

PART-TIME WORK Opportunity: The NYC Puppet Theatre is looking for part-time puppeteers, interns and volunteers. If you are interest, email your resume to us at: or call us at 718-205-3745










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