About New York City Puppet Theatre

The New York City Puppet Theatre was founded in 1982 by Puppet Master Dr. George E. Blair. The New York City Puppet Theatre is located at One Wards Island in Upper Manhattan's East Side, adjacent t the 103 Street Footbridge, New York, New York 10035.

The New York City Puppet Theatre is a comprehensive, professional, developmental puppet organization starring Puppet Master Dr. George E. Blair and his Puppets International and featuring Master Puppeteers. The New York City Puppet Theatre's primary goals are : (1) to teach individuals and groups about puppetry; and (2) to produce quality puppet shows for everyone, especially children.

The New York City Puppet Theatre's cast performs regularly in its Ward Island Theatre; it also performs puppet shows in off site facilities within and outside of New York City. The Theatre's six major puppet programmatic components are: (1) puppet show performances; (2) puppet show productions; (3) history of puppetry presentations; (4) puppet making workshops; (5) staff development puppet workshops; and (6) special puppet events such as lectures, demonstrations and birthday parties. The Theatre also has an extensive training program for individuals who would like to become puppeteers.

The Theatre's gift shop is open to the public on a regular basis. Some of the gift shop's most requested sale items are Tee Shirts, finger puppets and marionettes. Additionally, the gift shop contains snacks and drinks for sale.


The Theatre welcomes sponsors, volunteers, monetary donations and in kind donations such as new and used puppets. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of existing laws.

The Theatre's major puppet show schedule is listed on the "schedule" page. This schedule is subject to modifications. These puppet shows can be performed in your facility upon request.

To arrange a puppet show performance, request one or more of our six programmatic components, order tickets for our upcoming puppet shows, order gift shop items, make a donation or secure additional information, call us at (718) 205-3745. We look forward to hearing from you soon and greeting you at one of our puppet show performances.







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